I am a Storyteller (About Eric Blue)


Eric Blue is a modern era storyteller who sees things differently than most writers do. He spots the “story behind the story” and his mind works on the “what could have been” scenario. He focuses on the mirror image to give the readers an in-depth look at how life could have been.

I am fascinating with stories-how stories change lives, how stories influence histor(ies) and universe(s), how stories have been recorded and told.

His work may be fiction, but it also could have been today’s headline news. Eric’s writing is built on a passion to boldly go where other writers seldom thing about going.

Kindly note that some of Eric’s work is on a free-to-the-public basis. Being a full-time businessman and family man, Eric is open to receiving ideas from the public that can bring to life in the form of a book. With his novels and short stories that have being available free of charge to the public, remuneration will not be available for ideas provided. The pleasure will be in seeing your idea being brought to life!

He is always on the lookout for cartoonists too, as drawing is a big part of the Eric Blue storytelling plan.

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Some of My Works

Ch.2: Kill Mandela (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

In 1987, the Vosloo Grill was the hangout for off duty policemen in Pretoria. Colonel Jaap Cornelius and his prestige Lieutenant Pieter Erasmus are discussing how the country is under siege from the ANC and its affiliates. The anger among the policemen is rife when they consider several of their colleagues who have been killed in the line of protecting the nation. The only way forward that they can see is for someone to execute Nelson Mandela in his prison cell. Maybe that will teach the ANC and all liberals a lesson! If the South African Police bosses dithered on their decision-making in protecting the white minority, then a bullet from the gun of one of their own, would be the answer to changing the political climate. Pieter saw himself as James Bond 007. The only difference was that he would be the bad guy.

Ch.38: Out for the Count (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

As expected, Vorster plays a few dirty tricks of his own and orders intelligence security to stop Pearce Ellison and Mark van Pletzen from getting to Mandela’s prison cell. Both are marched towards Vorster’s office, but Pieter intervenes to leave the two security men on the floor. Pieter introduces himself and Lindiwe to Mark and Pearce and an alliance is formed. Four people with the same mindset and goals. However, all four are now seen as opponents of the state. The stakes are high, but the beloved country, South Africa, is at risk. It is Apartheid forever, or a new dawn. Failure is not an option to the four. Mark and Pearce head off to sort out Vorster in his office, while Pieter and Lindiwe will attempt to get to Mandela’s prison cell.

Ch.26: Scheming in Marikana (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Pieter drives to Marikana in the North West Province. He he arranges to meet Vincent Khoza first, and then Lucas Sithole later that evening. He hopes either of the businessmen will not walk in while he is meeting with the other.
Pieter is introduced to the Minister of Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, T.K. Muronga, and the Police Commissioner, Lawrence Mathibe, but senses that they know more than they are letting on.
One hundred policemen are on standby to support the fifty security guards to hold firm against the striking miners.
The Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs is adamant that he has been briefed that if the strikers do not want to work for the wages on the table, there are lots of unemployed people who will jump at the opportunity of a job.
The Police Commissioner mentions that the cops will use rubber bullets to quell the strikers and will only use live ammunition when absolutely necessary.
Pieter learns that Lucas Sithole has been assassinated in his car just outside of Marikana.

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