I am a Storyteller (About Eric Blue)


Eric Blue is a modern era storyteller who sees things differently than most writers do. He spots the “story behind the story” and his mind works on the “what could have been” scenario. He focuses on the mirror image to give the readers an in-depth look at how life could have been.

I am fascinating with stories-how stories change lives, how stories influence histor(ies) and universe(s), how stories have been recorded and told.

His work may be fiction, but it also could have been today’s headline news. Eric’s writing is built on a passion to boldly go where other writers seldom thing about going.

Kindly note that some of Eric’s work is on a free-to-the-public basis. Being a full-time businessman and family man, Eric is open to receiving ideas from the public that can bring to life in the form of a book. With his novels and short stories that have being available free of charge to the public, remuneration will not be available for ideas provided. The pleasure will be in seeing your idea being brought to life!

He is always on the lookout for cartoonists too, as drawing is a big part of the Eric Blue storytelling plan.

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Some of My Works

Ch.5: Laying Down the Law (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Washington D.C-based human rights lawyer Pearce Ellison is experiencing his own Apartheid. The African-American is the sole black on his company’s board. Every idea that he puts on the table is shot down. He needs to land a case and a client that will see him respected by his colleagues. Nelson Mandela! He gets his Personal Assistant to book his trip to South Africa, without letting his colleague know. Pearce is an attention-to-detail person. He has done his homework on SA’s Apartheid leaders, from PW Botha, to Pik Botha, Barend du Plessis, Chris Heunis, Constand Viljoen and F.W. De Klerk. Pearce needs to make a friend in South Africa. Someone who will lead the way for him to access Mandela. It is 1987 and Apartheid rules, but the African-American has not given up hope.

Ch.10: Protecting the President (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Again, Mandela stands firm against his Defence Minister Joe Modise, in terms of putting the army on to the streets, following right wing resistance to his inauguration.
Modise is adamant that an assassination attempt on Mandela’s life will come sooner rather than later.
Mandela was still in his Rainbow Nation dreamland. Many African countries had failed their people following their independence from the colonialists. He did not want to fall into that category.
The President instructed Modise to keep working on finding the safehouse where the alleged right-wing coup was being managed from. Running the country amid Apartheid debt was now one of his biggest concerns.
The voice inside Mandela’s head informs him that the right-wing threat will not succeed.

Ch.28: Learning New Things (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Locked up in a damp stone prison cell, Pieter Erasmus is battling to breath as security men continued to shout through the cell door in a bid to gain information from him. They want to know more about Albertina Buthelezi and the laboratory explosion. This will lead them to knowing more about the future. Pieter refuses to give in to the pressure. He repeats his understanding that sooner rather than later, a black government will control South Africa, but the security personnel and the General laugh at him. Pieter is realising that outside of a release from the state, Mandela’s only way off the island is by escape. That would surely result in bloodshed.

Ch.10: I have a Dream (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

In a dream, Lindiwe imagines herself having all the benefits of a white woman in Apartheid SA. She sees herself driving a fancy car and living in a whites-only suburb in Pretoria. She also sees herself eating at the fanciest restaurants reserved for whites. She even learns that she will marry a white man. In her dream, she enters into dialogue with Louise Burrell who tells her that this is what she (Lindiwe) always wanted. Lindiwe thinks about Pieter. There is something about the cop that makes her weak at the knees, but she is struggling to work it out.

Ch.9: Apartheid’s Watchdog (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Like Pieter was following the ladies, intelligence services are keeping an eye on Pieter to find out if he was still a committed cop, or trading with the liberation struggle. Sitting with a black girl in Laingsburg did not help his cause. Meanwhile, back in Pretoria, a party is about to break out. Two ANC activists, whom the SA government’s ground force had been after for a good few months, are killed in a raid in Swaziland. One official at headquarters, predicts the truth without knowing it and comments that he hopes that Pieter Erasmus will actually eliminate Mandela which will send a warning to the liberation struggle as to who actually rules SA.

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