I am a Storyteller (About Eric Blue)


Eric Blue is a modern era storyteller who sees things differently than most writers do. He spots the “story behind the story” and his mind works on the “what could have been” scenario. He focuses on the mirror image to give the readers an in-depth look at how life could have been.

I am fascinating with stories-how stories change lives, how stories influence histor(ies) and universe(s), how stories have been recorded and told.

His work may be fiction, but it also could have been today’s headline news. Eric’s writing is built on a passion to boldly go where other writers seldom thing about going.

Kindly note that some of Eric’s work is on a free-to-the-public basis. Being a full-time businessman and family man, Eric is open to receiving ideas from the public that can bring to life in the form of a book. With his novels and short stories that have being available free of charge to the public, remuneration will not be available for ideas provided. The pleasure will be in seeing your idea being brought to life!

He is always on the lookout for cartoonists too, as drawing is a big part of the Eric Blue storytelling plan.

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Some of My Works

Ch.36: The Roast of Ace (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Two weeks later, the session starts at the CSIR Conference Centre in Pretoria. The crowd of protestors outside the venue has tripled in size. Instead of protecting Pieter during the session, all the evidence of the crime pointed towards him, with Vincent Khoza protecting Ace Mabuza.
During a break, Pieter tells Armstrong of the R3.6 million in a suitcase that he had received from Mabuza.
Mabuza had even been so nice to offer another R2 million to Pieter, which would be collected from the crook’s henchman prior to departure from the venue on the last day, if Pieter towed the line.

Ch.23: You can call me Vince (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Pieter meets with Vincent Khoza at the Centurion Country Club and is told that the muscle behind the work is ANC tender fixer Ace Mabuza. Pieter knows Mabuza’s name well as the man has been linked to several cases of tender corruption. Vincent offers Pieter R400 000 deposit on the R4 million job.
Pieter is left wondering what other bidders will be a part of the tender process. He keeps quiet on the fact that Lucas Sithole has already paid a R200 000 deposit to him.
Vincent mentions that if the project gets cancelled, Pieter can still keep the deposit money.
Vincent uses his trademark expression of: “You can call me Vincent.”

Ch.35: On the Trail of a Killer (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pearce Ellison and Mark van Pletzen meet with prison boss Vorster in his office on the island. The conservative-minded Vorster doesn’t like Pearce and the African-American is not a fan of the old school thinking of Vorster. Mark tries to be the facilitator to keep the peace. Vorster does not believe that SA will have a black government, especially one with Mandela as President. Vorster, like many whites in SA, believed that the ANC is a communist threat to the lives of the white minority. After several disagreement between Pearce and Vorster, the prison boss agrees to give Pearce and Mark 10 minutes of meeting time with Mandela. The distrust between Pearce and Vorster is so great that the lawyer is suspicious that the prison chief may pull a few tricks. However, he more feels comfortable with Mark at his side.

Ch.17: The colour of money (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Pieter sits in a coffee shop in Pretoria and thinks about all the white South Africans who had been killed while serving their country during Apartheid, only for the de Klerk government to hand the country over to the ANC.
Through the coffee shop window he witnesses a road rage incident between an Afrikaner and a black taxi driver.
The Afrikaner was outraged at the how the taxi driver had driven and climbed from his bakkie. He pulled a pistol and upon being taunted by the taxi man, he fired the weapon. Locals wrestled the Afrikaner to the ground and disarmed him while others called for an ambulance to help the taxi driver.
Black vs white hatred had never been this bad!
Pieter checked a text message on his phone. Two AWB right wingers had escaped arrest on a farm in the Limpopo province and were on the run. Clearly, Pieter wasn’t alone.
Was Mandela’s dream all over bar the shouting?

Ch.27: Dead or Alive (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

On Robben Island, prison boss Vorster is a confused man. He is made aware that Mandela is back in his prison cell. Vorster goes to the prison cell and tries to speak to the man to find out if the individual really is Mandela. The man does not respond. If Vorster had his way, he would have sent the man straight to the lime quarry for some heavy work and treatment from the wardens. Vorster did not like the blacks, let alone blacks who did not respond to his questioning. The prison boss asks the man in the prison cell if he knows how many people from the left and right wing want to kill him. The prisoner does not respond. Vorster is adamant that a new South African under an ANC government will never happen, or at least not while he is still on the island. He longs for retirement. Then this whole saga can become someone else’s problem.

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