I am a Storyteller (About Eric Blue)


Eric Blue is a modern era storyteller who sees things differently than most writers do. He spots the “story behind the story” and his mind works on the “what could have been” scenario. He focuses on the mirror image to give the readers an in-depth look at how life could have been.

I am fascinating with stories-how stories change lives, how stories influence histor(ies) and universe(s), how stories have been recorded and told.

His work may be fiction, but it also could have been today’s headline news. Eric’s writing is built on a passion to boldly go where other writers seldom thing about going.

Kindly note that some of Eric’s work is on a free-to-the-public basis. Being a full-time businessman and family man, Eric is open to receiving ideas from the public that can bring to life in the form of a book. With his novels and short stories that have being available free of charge to the public, remuneration will not be available for ideas provided. The pleasure will be in seeing your idea being brought to life!

He is always on the lookout for cartoonists too, as drawing is a big part of the Eric Blue storytelling plan.

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Some of My Works

Ch.35: On the Trail of a Killer (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pearce Ellison and Mark van Pletzen meet with prison boss Vorster in his office on the island. The conservative-minded Vorster doesn’t like Pearce and the African-American is not a fan of the old school thinking of Vorster. Mark tries to be the facilitator to keep the peace. Vorster does not believe that SA will have a black government, especially one with Mandela as President. Vorster, like many whites in SA, believed that the ANC is a communist threat to the lives of the white minority. After several disagreement between Pearce and Vorster, the prison boss agrees to give Pearce and Mark 10 minutes of meeting time with Mandela. The distrust between Pearce and Vorster is so great that the lawyer is suspicious that the prison chief may pull a few tricks. However, he more feels comfortable with Mark at his side.

Ch.36: Flashback Time (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Outside in the sunlight, Lindiwe Buthelezi hears a voice in her mind and spirit and by the words being uttered, recognises it as that of Mandela. She falls into a trance and finds herself in 1973 and heading towards the prison cells on the island. The prisoners whistle and flirt with the young girl. One prisoner says “I will become your President’. She does not know who that prisoner is but will never forget his huge laughter. She thinks that the prisoner wants to be President ahead of Mandela and replies: “You are not my President.” When she asked for the prisoner’s name, he replies “Zuma.” As Lindiwe heads towards the end of the corridor to see Mandela, the trace ends and she is jolted back to reality.

Ch.17: Tell Me More (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Lindiwe gets to Albertina’s house in Mamelodi first and the old lady tells her of her working days at a laboratory on the Natal border. Albertina worked as a cleaner there, and heard about some strange happenings inside the laboratory. While all scientists were sworn to secrecy, several encountered burns to their bodies. One day, when cleaning near the laboratory, there was a huge explosion and a bright light blinded Albertina and through her to the floor. She woke up naked in a hotel room bed with a man, getting dressed next to it. Once the man had kissed her and left, she went over to what seemed to be a huge window. She could see heaven. It was real. Then Pieter arrived at the house in Mamelodi and he was not happy that Lindiwe had got there first. The old lady repeated some parts of the story for Pieter.

Ch.21: Hanging on to Love (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Like most of the black homelands in SA, Ciskei were reluctant to relinquish power and be incorporated into the New South Africa. A march on Ciskei, that included future President Cyril Ramaphosa, SACP Secretary-General Chris Hani and ANC stalwart Ronnie Kastrils, turns ugly when bullets are fired on the protestors by the Ciskei law enforcers. Clear strategic battlelines for power would later develop between the various African cultural groups, from the Xhosas (which included Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Steve Tshwete) to the Sothos, Zulus and other groups.

Ch.19: A Night in Mbabane (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pieter and Lindiwe left Albertina’s home and it was here that the Lieutenant provided an element of surprise, by driving towards Mbabane, Swaziland. His feelings for Lindiwe had grown and hers towards him were the same. With Swaziland not having Apartheid, he could freely spend a night with her in the city’s capital. Although he did have to change hotels when he saw the room price. He on a lowly Lieutenant’s salary. This led to Pieter becoming even more sure in his mind that he should not eliminate Mandela. However, if all that Lindiwe had seen was correct, someone else was on a mission to do the evil act and needed to be stopped. Pieter Erasmus was changing from potential villain to potential hero.

Ch.37: Blocked and Frustrated (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Once out of the trance, Lindiwe tells Pieter Erasmus about what she had seen in her visit to 1973. Pieter doesn’t know who this ‘Zuma’ is, but is disappointed that Lindiwe never got to see Mandela. Meanwhile, a warden reports to Vorster over the fact of having seen Pieter and Lindiwe on the island. Vorster issues a security alert with wardens on the march to find Pieter and the girl. The urgency among the wardens was as if a prisoner had escaped. Pieter and Lindiwe make a run for the nearest corridor to find some form of safety. The wardens are struggling to find the pair and the jetty and ferry are double-checked. Panic is setting in as Pieter and Lindiwe are nowhere to be found. Nobody wants to tell that to Vorster.

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