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Ch.25: The Grilling of a Lieutenant (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pieter awakens in an interrogation room. A General, flanked by two armed men in uniform try and force him to talk on what he knew about Albertina Buthelezi and the laboratory. He refuses to divulge and has his head dunked several times into water until drowning point. His worst fear was that the security men would do to him what the military did to anti-Mugabe who were held in the dreaded Chikurubi prison in Zimbabwe. Those who refused to give information, had a rusty nail smacked through their penises with a hammer. A doctor was always on standby with some dirty clothes to wipe up the blood. Fortunately for Pieter, the security men who were holding him captive, never made use of this painful option. Pieter asks about Lindiwe, but is given little information other than the fact that she is alive.

Ch.15: A Visit to Gogo (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Lindiwe meets Louise Burrell for coffee in Pretoria and tells her about the dream that she had. Some of the words that Louise speaks over coffee, were the very words that Louise spoke in Lindiwe’s dream. This freaks Lindiwe out a bit. Louise asks about Lindiwe’s background and the girl explains how her mother died giving birth to her and she was raised by Gogo Albertina Buthelezi. Pieter arrives and is on a mission to find out as much as he can about Lindiwe’s plan is to visit Albertina to find out more about the stories that the old woman had shared with the girl. Pieter, having heard part of the conversation, is also keen to get to Albertina. The race is on as to who will get to the old lady first.

Ch.36: Flashback Time (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Outside in the sunlight, Lindiwe Buthelezi hears a voice in her mind and spirit and by the words being uttered, recognises it as that of Mandela. She falls into a trance and finds herself in 1973 and heading towards the prison cells on the island. The prisoners whistle and flirt with the young girl. One prisoner says “I will become your President’. She does not know who that prisoner is but will never forget his huge laughter. She thinks that the prisoner wants to be President ahead of Mandela and replies: “You are not my President.” When she asked for the prisoner’s name, he replies “Zuma.” As Lindiwe heads towards the end of the corridor to see Mandela, the trace ends and she is jolted back to reality.

Ch.26: Lockdown (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pieter begins to think that he may not live to see daylight again. He asks the security team if he is going to become the next Steve Biko or Doctor Neil Aggett. Both men are believed to have been beaten to death in police custody for their anti-apartheid activism. However, at the time, the cops stated that both Biko, and Doctor Aggett, committed suicide, and were not beaten to death. Pieter talks to the General and the security team about the New South Africa. The General laughs and refuses to believe that blacks can run a country. In the mind of the General, white minority control will go on forever, let alone having Nelson Mandela as the first democratically-elected President by 1994.

Ch.31: Pieter on the Trail (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

With General du Toit set for a day off from duty, Professor Strijdom hatches a plan to get Pieter Erasmus released in a bid for the Lieutenant to get to the island to protect Mandela. Pieters mind is racing. He has not seen Lindiwe for quite sometime. What if he found himself in a situation of saving one of Lindiwe or Mandela? He was also unsure as to how much he could trust the Professor. Most of the government workers were just that, workers not thinkers. Although the Professor seemed more liberal than most, trusted nobody outside of Lindiwe and himself. The Professor was bright enough to realise that SA could not be ruled by the white minority forever, but who was he reporting too?

Ch.16: Three is a Crowd (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Before the trio can leave the coffee shop, government security officials arrive on a mission to deport Louise Burrell. While her paperwork is in order, clearly her trip to the island was not good news to all. Eventually, after a shouting match scene in front of patrons, Louise is taken away by the security men. Lindiwe watches on, but as a black girl in Apartheid SA, there is little that she can do, even with Lieutenant Pieter Erasmus next to her. Pieter and Lindiwe agree to meet at 5pm for further talks. Neither are actually serious about the meeting. Both are on a mission to get to Albertina Buthelezi as soon as possible. With Louise gone, Pieter has to settle the ladies bill for coffee and cake, as Lindiwe cannot afford too.

Ch.29: Apartheid Through a Looking Glass (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

General du Toit heads off in a huff at not having succeeded in getting information out of Pieter Erasmus. Then another, more liberal, man appears. Professor J.G. Strijdom. His mother was a big fan of the former South African Prime Minister, by the same name. While Strijdom is actually sent to get information out of Pieter, it turns out the other way around. Pieter learns that Mandela is back on the island, and that the Professor is just as cautious of his own colleagues, as he is. The Professor feels that Apartheid has another 10 years to go before it crumbles, but Pieter knows that is simply too long to wait. Until government get the answers that they are looking for, the ‘Looking Glass’ project will continue in secret at a place not far from the original spot at the Natal border.

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