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Ch.1: A Blast from the Past (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

2010 FIFA World Cup fever is uniting black and white people at the Vosloo Grill in Pretoria. Bar Lady, Lindiwe Buthelezi, a University of Pretoria law student, is serving drinks, while engaging in light-hearted chit-chat with her friend, Lerato, when a gas pipe blows on one of the bar fridges underneath the counter. The casualties and injuries mount up, but for Lindiwe, it is the entry path to another world. She finds herself trapped in the Apartheid era where the hatred between the privileged whites and the oppressed blacks, is the talking point across the globe. The year is 1987 and PW Botha is President of South Africa, with Apartheid at his most brutal. The President is using whatever means possible to oppress the black uprising of the African National Congress. Nelson Mandela is still in prison with the world calling for his release.

Ch.23: Pieter Keeps his Secret (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

As he drives towards Pietermaritzburg, Pieter thinks of the history of the Natal capital, which is named after the Voortrekker leaders, Pieter Retief and Gert Maritz. Pieter has two big concerns in his mind. Firstly, he could not get hold of his mentor, Colonel Jaap Cornelius, on the office number. Had Pieter been sold out by the man who had cemented the Mandela idea in his head? Was he now the fall guy? Secondly, was a third party at work to action the Mandela assassination plan ahead of him. While Pieter was leaning towards the New South Africa idea, more than the killing of Mandela, he still did not like someone else grabbing headline news ahead of him. He found himself at a serious crossroads in his life, and his country.

Ch.35: On the Trail of a Killer (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pearce Ellison and Mark van Pletzen meet with prison boss Vorster in his office on the island. The conservative-minded Vorster doesn’t like Pearce and the African-American is not a fan of the old school thinking of Vorster. Mark tries to be the facilitator to keep the peace. Vorster does not believe that SA will have a black government, especially one with Mandela as President. Vorster, like many whites in SA, believed that the ANC is a communist threat to the lives of the white minority. After several disagreement between Pearce and Vorster, the prison boss agrees to give Pearce and Mark 10 minutes of meeting time with Mandela. The distrust between Pearce and Vorster is so great that the lawyer is suspicious that the prison chief may pull a few tricks. However, he more feels comfortable with Mark at his side.

Ch.7: Life on the Island (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Robben Island Prison boss Vorster arrives at work to find that he has yet again been deceived by his principals. Nelson Mandela was removed from his prison cell during the night without his knowledge. The night shift wardens have been sworn to secrecy. Nobody, including Vorster, knows where Mandela is being kept. The island has some visitors with CNN television reporter Louise Burrell, and her assistant (Lindiwe) and cameraman, having arrived to interview Mandela. With Mandela not on the island, Vorster plays tough and refuses to entertain the government letter that Louise has which will allow her to interview the ANC icon. Vorster orders for the CNN camera to be confiscated and for Louise and her colleagues to be sent from the island. Watching in the distance is Pieter Erasmus. He quickly realises that Louise’s ‘assistant’ (Lindiwe) is not an African-American. He decides to follow the ladies back to the mainland to see why they are so interested in Mandela.

Ch.13: Getting inside the head of Mugabe (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pearce sits in the midday sun near the waters and drifts off into dreamland. If he can’t get to Mandela, he needs to go for Plan B – Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. He finds himself in Harare, befriending Bishop Reginald Banda, who has links to Mugabe’s ZANU party. Pearce’s aim is to get Mugabe to form a peaceful resolution and government of unity with his main opponent, Joshua Nkomo of the ZAPU. Nkomo holds the hopes of the Ndebele people, and Mugabe despises them, with his troops killing many. Initially, Mugabe is reluctant to meet with his arch-enemy, Nkomo, of ZAPU, and is anti dealing with the western world. Pearce manages to talk sense into the President and a way forward is found. Mugabe agrees to talks with ZAPU with Pearce acting as facilitator.

Ch.29: Apartheid Through a Looking Glass (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

General du Toit heads off in a huff at not having succeeded in getting information out of Pieter Erasmus. Then another, more liberal, man appears. Professor J.G. Strijdom. His mother was a big fan of the former South African Prime Minister, by the same name. While Strijdom is actually sent to get information out of Pieter, it turns out the other way around. Pieter learns that Mandela is back on the island, and that the Professor is just as cautious of his own colleagues, as he is. The Professor feels that Apartheid has another 10 years to go before it crumbles, but Pieter knows that is simply too long to wait. Until government get the answers that they are looking for, the ‘Looking Glass’ project will continue in secret at a place not far from the original spot at the Natal border.

Ch.22: Immaculate Conception (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pieter Erasmus came from a staunch Dutch Reformed Church family, who would never understand, nor want to understand the New South Africa. Lindiwe explains to Pieter more about the future, including two elements involving the right wing, Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging (AWB). The Afrikaner militants attempted to help Lucas Mangope’s government hang on to power in their Bophutatswana homeland, but were refused weapons by the black homeland defence force. Eventually, Bophutatswana was brought into the New South Africa. Back home, the AWB drove an armoured vehicle through the glass windows at the World Trade Centre in Johannesburg, where the National Party government and the ANC were in talks. This was a desperate attempt to stop the New South Africa from happening.

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