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Ch.13: Getting inside the head of Mugabe (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pearce sits in the midday sun near the waters and drifts off into dreamland. If he can’t get to Mandela, he needs to go for Plan B – Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. He finds himself in Harare, befriending Bishop Reginald Banda, who has links to Mugabe’s ZANU party. Pearce’s aim is to get Mugabe to form a peaceful resolution and government of unity with his main opponent, Joshua Nkomo of the ZAPU. Nkomo holds the hopes of the Ndebele people, and Mugabe despises them, with his troops killing many. Initially, Mugabe is reluctant to meet with his arch-enemy, Nkomo, of ZAPU, and is anti dealing with the western world. Pearce manages to talk sense into the President and a way forward is found. Mugabe agrees to talks with ZAPU with Pearce acting as facilitator.

Ch.33: Pieter’s Worst Nightmare (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

A few months later, Vincent Khoza calls Pieter to tell him that the Marikana Massacre case will be reopened. It seems like someone has paid big money to re-open the sage amid new evidence that has been brought forward.
Somebody wants to see Pieter lose more than just his rank and his job. Someone wants Pieter to pay the price for giving the order for the murdering of blacks in Marikana.
Pieter thinks through the possible contenders who would score from reopening the case. Was it Police Commissioner Lawrence Mathibe, Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, T.K Muronga or the notorious Ace Mabuza?
Pieter hears that the no-nonsense Advocate Dali Mhlaba will represent the state in cross-examining him.

Ch.30: Chaos Reigns (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

P.W. Botha is hard at work to save the day. He is waiting for his phone to ring to find out what information his security men had managed to get out of Pieter Erasmus. However, this is not happening. Botha has no qualm about continuing with the current status quo. He is protecting the lives of the Afrikaner and English speaking whites in the country. He is quite prepared to take on the world, and any disloyal National Party politician. Barend du Plessis is his favourite in terms of succession, but there are others in his Cabinet who he feels, can’t be trusted. F.W. De Klerk’s name would be high up on that list. Botha is ready for action, whether it means taking on the ANC or the world. It would be his way or no way!

Ch.29: When a Stranger Visits (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Pieter headed to the main gate area and noticed flashes of light. These were from the photographers and television camera crew who had pushed their way to the gate to get the big story. Being a low-ranked cop, Pieter did not know that the media knew who he was, but they began to call his name and throw questions at him. Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, Muronga arrived with Police Commissioner Mathibe to steal the limelight. They had quelled the strike. However, they did not enjoy the question on who gave the order to use live ammunition.
Chris Chuene informs Pieter that he overheard conversations that the Lieutenant is to be the fall guy for ordering the use of live ammunition on the strikers.

Ch.12: A Tough Day for Pearce (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Pearce Ellison makes his way from Mowbray in Cape Town, to the Cape Town harbour to attempt to board a ferry to the island. He experiences racism all the way, from Afrikaners hooting and showing hand signals to his taxi driver of colour, right through to the shocking behaviour of the white security officials at the ferry office. Pearce always wanted to intervene in racial situations but he had to hold back incase it would threaten his chance of getting across to Robben Island. Once on the island he has a heated exchange with prison boss, Vorster over the whereabouts of Mandela, and the potential future outcome for SA. Eventually, like most who get on the wrong side of Vorster, he is asked to leave the island.

Ch.23: Pieter Keeps his Secret (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

As he drives towards Pietermaritzburg, Pieter thinks of the history of the Natal capital, which is named after the Voortrekker leaders, Pieter Retief and Gert Maritz. Pieter has two big concerns in his mind. Firstly, he could not get hold of his mentor, Colonel Jaap Cornelius, on the office number. Had Pieter been sold out by the man who had cemented the Mandela idea in his head? Was he now the fall guy? Secondly, was a third party at work to action the Mandela assassination plan ahead of him. While Pieter was leaning towards the New South Africa idea, more than the killing of Mandela, he still did not like someone else grabbing headline news ahead of him. He found himself at a serious crossroads in his life, and his country.

Ch.23: You can call me Vince (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

Pieter meets with Vincent Khoza at the Centurion Country Club and is told that the muscle behind the work is ANC tender fixer Ace Mabuza. Pieter knows Mabuza’s name well as the man has been linked to several cases of tender corruption. Vincent offers Pieter R400 000 deposit on the R4 million job.
Pieter is left wondering what other bidders will be a part of the tender process. He keeps quiet on the fact that Lucas Sithole has already paid a R200 000 deposit to him.
Vincent mentions that if the project gets cancelled, Pieter can still keep the deposit money.
Vincent uses his trademark expression of: “You can call me Vincent.”

Ch.15: A Visit to Gogo (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Lindiwe meets Louise Burrell for coffee in Pretoria and tells her about the dream that she had. Some of the words that Louise speaks over coffee, were the very words that Louise spoke in Lindiwe’s dream. This freaks Lindiwe out a bit. Louise asks about Lindiwe’s background and the girl explains how her mother died giving birth to her and she was raised by Gogo Albertina Buthelezi. Pieter arrives and is on a mission to find out as much as he can about Lindiwe’s plan is to visit Albertina to find out more about the stories that the old woman had shared with the girl. Pieter, having heard part of the conversation, is also keen to get to Albertina. The race is on as to who will get to the old lady first.

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