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Ch.25: Point of No Return (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

With R200 000 from Lucas Sithole in his bank account, as well as another R400 000 from Vincent Khoza, Pieter was in a super financial position.
He did his homework on the town of Marikana and a bit more on Ace Mabuza, who was also the king of bouncing cheques.
A key businessman who received a bouncing cheque, went to Ace home in the mid-1990s to collect his money. Shots were heard and the body of the businessman has never been found to this day. Mabuza denies meeting with the man on that day.

Ch.4: Breaking News (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Having heard PW Botha speaking on television about Mandela and the danger that the ANC poses to South Africa, Lindiwe realises that the ANC icon is the key to a New South Africa, and he should be unharmed at all cost. She escaped from the hospital and makes her way to Cape Town. At the railway station in Cape Town, she makes a friend in CNN television reporter Louise Burrell who is in the city in the hope of landing an interview with Mandela. Louise is set for a trip to Robben Island and Lindiwe persuades Louise to let her be her assistant. Louise reluctantly agrees, and buys Lindiwe a new outfit. They set off for the Cape Town harbour for the trip to the island. Lindiwe’s life is changing by the minute in the world of Apartheid.

Ch.38: Out for the Count (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

As expected, Vorster plays a few dirty tricks of his own and orders intelligence security to stop Pearce Ellison and Mark van Pletzen from getting to Mandela’s prison cell. Both are marched towards Vorster’s office, but Pieter intervenes to leave the two security men on the floor. Pieter introduces himself and Lindiwe to Mark and Pearce and an alliance is formed. Four people with the same mindset and goals. However, all four are now seen as opponents of the state. The stakes are high, but the beloved country, South Africa, is at risk. It is Apartheid forever, or a new dawn. Failure is not an option to the four. Mark and Pearce head off to sort out Vorster in his office, while Pieter and Lindiwe will attempt to get to Mandela’s prison cell.

Ch.36: Flashback Time (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Outside in the sunlight, Lindiwe Buthelezi hears a voice in her mind and spirit and by the words being uttered, recognises it as that of Mandela. She falls into a trance and finds herself in 1973 and heading towards the prison cells on the island. The prisoners whistle and flirt with the young girl. One prisoner says “I will become your President’. She does not know who that prisoner is but will never forget his huge laughter. She thinks that the prisoner wants to be President ahead of Mandela and replies: “You are not my President.” When she asked for the prisoner’s name, he replies “Zuma.” As Lindiwe heads towards the end of the corridor to see Mandela, the trace ends and she is jolted back to reality.

Ch.31: Twin Troubles (The Mandela Effect V.2, Daughter and Wife) e.1

The on-duty cop, Constable Jonker gives Pieter a different set of clothes and tells him to pretend to be his twin, Kerneels Jonker. Outside the police stations, hundreds of blacks are chanting, to make sure that Pieter does not get bail for shooting Lindiwe Snr.
Pieter still cannot understand the Lindiwe Snr situation. He was adamant that she had died giving birth to Lindiwe Jnr.
The doctor says that Lindiwe had lost a lot of blood, but they had managed to remove the bullet.
Pieter drives back to the Loxton Mine and sees flowers placed at the main gate as a sign of respect for those who had lost their lives in the Marikana Massacre.
Another protest march is expected for the next day, but this time its only the mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts of the deceased that are expected to march on the mine.

Ch.9: Apartheid’s Watchdog (The Mandela Effect, V.1 Black and White) e.1

Like Pieter was following the ladies, intelligence services are keeping an eye on Pieter to find out if he was still a committed cop, or trading with the liberation struggle. Sitting with a black girl in Laingsburg did not help his cause. Meanwhile, back in Pretoria, a party is about to break out. Two ANC activists, whom the SA government’s ground force had been after for a good few months, are killed in a raid in Swaziland. One official at headquarters, predicts the truth without knowing it and comments that he hopes that Pieter Erasmus will actually eliminate Mandela which will send a warning to the liberation struggle as to who actually rules SA.

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